The MJ-12 confirmed by John Alexander

A 12-person group of high level scientists and military officials who made up the elite Top Secret MJ-12 committee

The second piece of new evidence came from a very unlikely source – Dr. John Alexander. John was a Colonel in the US Army, and had been interested in the UFO mystery since a young boy in 1947. He also had done work on “esoteric projects, specifically in the intelligence community with psychokinesis.”

In “UFOs, Area 51, and Government Informants: A Report on Government Involvement in UFO Crash Retrievals ” I wrote that I believed the document had been a leak of true and false material that had been authorized by present day MJ-12 type group to desensitize the public about how the flying saucer problem had been handled by the White House.

In a discussion with Lee Graham he said he had heard of MJ-12 in early 1984 which was almost a year before researchers Moore and Shandera reviewed copies of the MJ-12 briefing document for President Eisenhower in the mail.


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